Jumbo Car Costa Rica : What services does this professional rental firm provide ?

Costa Rica is home to all, and thousands of people visit the great South American country for their holidays. Many of these tourists require car hire to get to the many interesting destinations in the country. This is where Jumbo car Costa Rica rental firms come to help. Let’s look at the services they offer, what they do and the cars you can rent.

About Jumbo Car Costa Rica rental firm

People visiting Costa Rica will enjoy the many landscapes, shores, beaches and other attractions the country has to offer. Using Jumbo Car Costa Rica rental services will serve tourists and other visitors in the country.

At this company, they will make sure you get the right car that you will use throughout your holiday. This is a professional firm which provides the best services with great value. You can book for your car on their platform where their prices are displayed. Also, if you use their platform to book your preferred vehicle, you are guaranteed many offers.

Cars you can lease at Jumbo Car Costa Rica Agency

They have a plethora of car fleets which comes in the various brands. Depending on what you require and your budget, you will always get your choice. Their cars are in three categories:

  • Sedan and Hatchback
  • SUV : 4×2 cars and raised cars
  • Other fields : 4×4

All the car categories at this car rental service are brand new and at most 3 years in service. All vehicles are equipped with the latest gadgets and are fully air-conditioned. They usually come with a reverse camera, music playing device and central locking.

Moreover, you can get cars which run on gas and diesel. The cars are 100% reliable and have available spare parts. The available components make it easier to replace car parts.

The benefits of the rental firm

Whatever the reasons you travel to Costa Rica, Jumbo Car Costa Rica is a rental company where you can get all you need. Their staff are professionals and are fluent in many languages. They speak Spanish, French and English so all tourists won’t have problems with communication.

When you run into any problems, their mechanics can get to you anywhere in Costa Rica within 60 minutes. These are experts who are trained in all car repairs with several international certifications.

Also, their rental prices are one of the cheapest in the entire country, regardless of the car you wish to hire. You can speak to their customer service to ask for more clarifications about your needs and you will get valuable advice.

How to access the best deals

When you book early, you could get some good promotions because the more vehicles available, the cheaper the prices. They operate based on demand and supply, so ensure you book ahead to get nice deals.

Another way you can get a good deal with Jumbo car rentals is using their website. Online rates are better and cheaper than when you visit their agencies. Also, when you use their platform, you are offered cars ahead of those who book physically.

Jumbo Car Costa Rica rental agency remains a top car hire service in Costa Rica. Their rates are fair and they have a plethora of car services which will suit your needs.